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Q: Do robots drive on the road?

A: The robots move on bicycle paths and sidewalks. They are not road users.

Q: What is the range of robots?

A: Their range is limited only by the battery, which one charge is enough for a whole day of work.

Q: Will my food arrive warm?

A: Yes , the robot has the heating system and temperature sensors on all the way.

Q: Will my food arrive in perfect condition?

A: Yes , the robotic construction protects your meal from damage. Curbs are not afraid of him.

Q: What do the robots deliver?

A: The robots deliver food and groceries but... Who knows. :)

Q: What does "semi-autonomous" mean?

A: On difficult sections and at strategic moments, the robot requires operator support.

Q: Why do robots have names?

A: We are not just creating robots, we are creating a world where we believe that TOGETHER means MORE.Kate and Matthew are part of this world and society. They are there to support people.

Q: Will the robots get to my door?

A: The robot doesn't ride the elevator or the stairs. To pick up your order, you must go outside the building.

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