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Informacja prasowa

Delivery Couple is building 21st century robot employees for food delivery. They are the first in Poland and the first in the world with such a human face. Delivery Couple doesn't just create robots - it creates a world where together mean more. Kate and Matthew are part of this world and society.

Delivery Couple ensures low costs and improved delivery logistics by supplying restaurants, marketplaces and delivery companies with reliable couriers. The robots are designed to work alongside and support humans. They guarantee predictable delivery, less traffic congestion and promote zero-emission technology.

The robots move strictly along bike paths and sidewalks. Their range is limited only by the battery - one charge is enough for a full day's work. 

Kate and Matthew aren't and won't be fully autonomous, but eventually the operator will supervise the work of more and more robots at the same time, that is, on difficult stretches and at strategic moments, the operator will take control of the robot or make a decision for it and allow it to continue the route. They have a built-in heating system, temperature sensors and construction to protect the order. Curbs, winter or speed are not a problem for them - the order will reach the customer in perfect condition.

The robots have found their place in eight Polish cities already, with plans o expand to many more, including abroad. 

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