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Partner with Delivery Couple by renting a robotic courier

Transform your last-mile delivery logistics
and enter the future with Robots-as-a-Service
– secure, cost efficient and sustainable.

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Why robots?

Improve delivery logistics

We offer you the most convenient and reliable way to deliver food on time. Go everywhere where traffic jams and modern urban hygiene prohibits or impedes motor vehicles.

We will take care of delivery logistics for you, management

of "our drivers" and we will make sure that the robot is a reliable employee. Forget about double investments. We are not afraid

of any weather conditions.

Outlined icon of a delivery robot halfway to its destination from the warehouse

Minimize delivery costs

Delivery is more expensive than ever with rising fuel prices, increasing hourly rates and the cost of obtaining as well as maintaining vehicles together with employees. 


Renting our robots based on a fixed, flat hourly rate is the easiest way 
to offer free delivery, increase customer satisfaction and save money on your operations.

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Grow your business

With our delivery robots you can focus on your core business instead of spending time recruiting drivers and managing them. Save time and money with a robot fleet.


Customize the robot with unique voicelines and advertising, so you can be sure that they’ll fit into your marketing and operations strategy.

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Would like to see your brand on a robot?

Leave us your e-mail and link to the website to get a visualization.

Thank you! We'll reach out to you soon.


Who is it for?




Want to transform your delivery logistics?

Get cheaper couriers?

Not worry about recruiting and managing human drivers?

Then Delivery Couple is for you.

Ordering process

Outlined icon of a phone with notification. Notification shows an icon of a burger
Outlined icon of delivery robot waiting
Outlined icon of a delivery robot with open hatch. The paper food bag with a drawn hamburger is being put inside the robot.
Outlined icon of a delivery robot driving with a hamburger inside
Outlined icon of a delivery robot with a hatch open. The customer collects the paper food bag with a hamburger from the robot.

Client places an order with robot delivery

Robot waits next to the restaurant

Employee puts the order in the robot

Robot drives to the client

Client picks up the order*

*To pick-up the order, client has to go outside the building

How it works


Book a demo

Schedule a test day in your company to see how
the robots integrate into your business environment. Pay just for transportation and operators' work.


Sign the rent agreement

Personalize the agreement to your needs – robots’ operating hours, travel distance, rent length and many more. Pay a flat hourly rate for the entire contract period, no matter what.


Integrate our systems

We will transport the robots, train your employees, integrate your existing solutions with our software
and ensure everything works flawlessly for the next step.


Start delivering

We provide support and maintenance through the whole rental period, so that 
you can focus on the core of your business.

Ready to take the first step?

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