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Press release

Delivery Couple is building 21st century robot employees for food delivery. They are the first in Poland and the first in the world with such a human face. Delivery Couple doesn't just create robots - it creates a world where together means more. Kasia and Mateusz are part of this world and society.

Delivery Couple improves delivery logistics by providing restaurants, marketplaces, and delivery companies with reliable couriers. The robots are designed to work alongside humans and support them. They guarantee predictable delivery, reduce traffic congestion, and promote zero-emission technology.

The robots move strictly along bike paths and sidewalks. Their range is only limited by the battery - one charge lasts for a whole day of work.

Kate and Mathew have a built-in heating system, temperature sensors, and a protective structure for preserving orders. Curbs or harsh weather conditions are not a problem for them - the order will reach the customer in perfect condition.

The robots have already found their place in fourteen Polish cities, and there are plans for expansion to many more, including international locations.

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