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Delivery Couple is building 21st century robot employee for food and grocery delivery. They are the first in Poland but the first in the world with such a human face. We are not just creating robots, we are creating a world where we believe that TOGETHER means MORE. Kate and Matthew are part of this world and society. They are there to support people.

The assumption of Delivery Couple is to ensure faster delivery, minimize the risk of traffic jams, accidents, mistakes when delivering order and simply guaranteeing couriers to restaurants or shops. Robots are not designed to hinder or take people's jobs but to support it.

Robots move on bicycle paths and sidewalks . They are not road users and their range is limited only by the battery, which one charge is enough for a whole day of work.

Kate and Matthew are semi-autonomous, which means that on difficult sections and at strategic moments, the robot requires operator support. They have the heating system, temperature sensors and constructions which help to protect order. Curbs, winter and speed are not afraid of him. Meal will arrive in perfect condition.

The robots have found their place perfectly in the Lublin and Warsaw communities but Delivery Couple is convinced that they will settle in the same way in other cities and in some time abroad. Over the past months, many technical aspects, security features, threats and opportunities have been tested in order to be able to improve courier services in other cities.